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How to clean sterling silver jewelry sets

How to clean wholesale silver jewelry sets

As we all know that sterling silver set jewelry has taken over the world and has become an everyday jewelry choice for all the individuals male or female. We take pride and joy in wearing these spectacular wholesale silver jewelry sets and always want to keep them in the shape they arrived when you first bought them new.

However, we are always too busy in our life and hardly spend enough time cleaning or taking care of our prized jewelry and as much as we hate it, wearing our precious sterling silver set jewelry every day without taking proper care means that it will eventually get dull, it starts to lose its shine, starts to get tarnish (a process in which oxygen in the air reacts with silver to form a dull layer all over the jewelry sets) and does not look good anymore but rather looks cheap, used and old. It is not a very hard process to clean the sterling silver set jewelry, it just requires a little bit of dedication and some time to make your old jewelry look shiny new and sparkling clean.

Here are a few ways through which you can do so

How to clean wholesale silver jewelry sets
How to clean wholesale silver jewelry sets
  • Preventative care:

Keeping your sterling silver set jewelry stored in a box for a longer period is also a reason that it starts to get dull but if you wear it often it comes in contact with your skin and oils secreted from your skin that essentially clean the jewelry for you; therefore, you should wear your sets more often. Another major reason for sterling silver set jewelry to go bad is when they come in contact with any type of chemicals that we use in our everyday life such as hairspray, perfumes, lotions, and similar products because all of these have agents that speed up the process of tarnishing by oxidation of the jewelry sets which is why you should save the best for last and always get ready first and then put on your sterling silver set jewelry at the end so that you can avoid all the hassle. It is recommended to take off your jewelry before doing any household work as your jewelry might get in touch with water or any other chemical or food color which will ruin your jewelry sets as most of them contain sulfur which is one of the main causes of corrosion of sterling silver set jewelry. Moreover, one of the most crucial aspects for keeping your sterling silver in flawless condition is the storage. We might think that it is ok to just leave your jewelry sets on top of the dresser or in a drawer or your cupboard or your bag with other items but this is completely wrong. It is highly recommended to store your valuable sterling silver set jewelry in polythene or plastic bags and airtight them so that oxygen does not enter to cause tarnish; additionally, add an anti tarnish strip or a bag of silica gel inside the bad too which will further reduce the risk of oxidation and tarnish. Store the sets in separate bags so that they do not rub against each other and cause scratches and also store the plastic bags in an area that is less humid as humidity accelerates the process of tarnish. It is also a good idea to keep activated charcoal in the storage area for further safety.

How to clean wholesale silver jewelry sets 001
How to clean wholesale silver jewelry sets 001
  • At home Polishing and cleaning:

Sometimes even after taking all the preventative care, wear and tear can easily be seen on the sterling silver set jewelry after months or years of use. If your jewelry set has just become a little dull and does not have a lot of tarnishing, then by simply polishing it at home you can get rid of these simple problems.You can make your cleaning solution from all the supplies present in the kitchen and get yourself a small soft brush and a microfiber towel to start the process of bringing your sterling silver set jewelry back to their original shape. You can add a drop of dishwashing soap into warm water and use your soft brush and gently rub your jeweler to clean the surface impurities and then wipe it with a microfiber towel. Another cleaning method is to put fluoride and other chemical free toothpaste on a brush and gently rub it on your precious sterling silver set jewelry. Then apply warm water and carefully wipe it clean. Another easy cleaning and polishing method is to add a tablespoon of olive oil into half a cup of lemon juice, then damp a microfiber towel with the solution and then like the other methods, rinse with warm water and dry it clean. 

TIP: Use a combination of all of these methods to remove any stubborn tarnish marks and be careful with gems and pearls present on the sets as they might lose their color.

  • Professional Cleaning:

There are times when even after trying all the polishing and cleaning methods at home you are still unable to remove the tarnish and clean the sterling silver set jewelry and you are left with dull dirty and tarnished jewelry. When this happens, you should simply take your jewelry to any jewelers that offer professional cleaning services for sterling silver. They have high quality cleaning solutions and professional machines that make the jewelry look spotless brand new; however, this service comes with a price but is very worth the money if you are willing to pay it.

There is no doubt that a person wearing clean, shiny, and good looking sterling silver set jewelry will stand out among the rest which is why investing in a unique sterling silver set jewelry is a very good idea and taking proper routinely care of them will make them last you a lifetime. It is a very valuable thing to own, so don’t let tarnish take over your jewelry and keep it looking flawless, unblemished and fresh.

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