Can you change the stones in your Wholesale Earring?


Wholesale Earring is a new fashion nowadays. Every girl wants a perfect piece of earrings to go with her outfit. Women have started updating their collections with a plethora of earrings and necklaces. This is why you see wholesale earrings everywhere in the market. In previous times, girls used to notice each other’s clothes and shoes. But now, the girls are more particular about the accessories they wear.

This is why every girl has dozens of earrings. But it comes with a little bit of a problem too. Jewelry is always very delicate. Wholesale Earring has precious stones and jewels with detailing. But these stones are embedded in the same color. Thus, they cannot change the stones right away. Moreover, these stones sometimes fall apart. A single piece of stone can destroy the whole look of the earring.

Therefore, if you miss out on even a single stone, you will have to throw away your jewel. Contrary to this, the reality is, that you can change the stones in your earrings. Read ahead to find out the truth so that you can save your precious earrings. You do not have to throw away your Wholesale Earring anymore.

Wholesale Earring

Can you change the stones in your Wholesale Earring?

The answer is yes. Not many people know this, but you can easily fix or change the stones in your earrings. And there is not just one method. There are plenty of ways you can fix or change it. We have seen women throwing away their earrings just because it breaks or a stone comes out. The fact is, it is a very common problem. The stones in the earrings are not permanently fixed. The makers do not use a very heavy material to fix it.

Instead, they use simple glue to add the stone to the Wholesale Earring. This is why the stones come off easily. Over the days, the glue loses its sticking power and the stone comes off. Most of the girls, here, do the mistake. They take their earring to the trash. There is another major problem. The earrings with stones come in different colors. Girls, sometimes, want to change the color of their earrings.

They do not know that they can easily change the color by replacing the stones. If you are one of them, you are at the right place. Use any of the below-mentioned ways and fix your Wholesale Earring in no time. You can keep updating your collection, without having to worry about damage.

Wholesale Earring

How you can change the stones in your Wholesale Earring

1. Liquid Glue

Liquid Glue is the easiest option if you want to change the stones of the Wholesale Earring in no time. The breathtaking earring you flaunt is initially bound with glue. And it is not a super glue that is not available everywhere. Instead, it is a normal liquid glue that is available everywhere in supermarkets. The designers use the same glue to bind the stones. If you want to change the stones, you can simply scrape off the existing stones.

Next, you can use glue to stick the new stones. If you have the round tip nose pliers, you will be at more ease. The pliers make it easier to pick up the stone. Usually, the stones in the Wholesale Earring are very small. You might end up losing the stone if you pick it up with your hand. In this case, the pliers are a life savior. Just pick up a stone with a plier and attach it to the earring. Then let it dry for five minutes and you will get your earring back.

If you do not have a round tip plier, you can also use a matchstick to fix your Wholesale Earring. Matchstick also gives an amazing grip. The best part about this method is that the glue is very affordable. Unlike what most people think, you do not have to spend hundreds of dollars to get the glue. It is very cost-effective. Moreover, it comes in a big bottle. That is, it will not get empty after one or two times. Instead, you can easily use it for two to three months. If you do not replace your stones regularly, the glue can last 8-9 months too.

2. Jeweler

If you are not a DIY person, here is yet another easiest option to fix your Wholesale Earring. When it comes to jewelry, many women prefer going direct to the maker. Whether they want to replace the stones or clean the jewelry, they prefer going to the maker. It saves their time and effort.

Moreover, it also saves them from the hassle and the mess DIYs create. If you do not have time to fix your Wholesale Earring at home, you can simply go to the jeweler. The jeweler will easily change your stone and you can choose the next stone yourself. There are numerous advantages of going to a jeweler. First of all, the jeweler is an expert.

That is, he sticks the stones without making a mess and brings a finish to the product. You will not see the remains of the glue coming from the sides. This will retain the elegance and grace of your earring. The second advantage is that the jeweler has a lot of other options. You can choose any stone you want from the trillions of options the jeweler has.

Wholesale Earring

Final Verdict

To sum up the process, you can change the stones in a Wholesale Earring. Unfortunately, not many of you know this. If you want to change the stones, you can use any of the two methods. Both methods have their merits and demerits. If you want an affordable option, you can go for the first one. On the other hand, if you want to save yourself from the mess, go for the second one. But one thing is for sure. Both methods provide a guaranteed result.

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