Sterling silver is very exquisite, elegant, and delicate. However, it is tough to find out the best quality stuff when there’s plenty of wholesale sterling jewelry available in the market. Hundreds of local and online brands sell wholesale sterling jewelry with very delicate and beautiful designs, and it gets tough to decide which one you should go for.

Assessing authentic wholesale sterling jewelry can be made easier by keeping a few points in your mind. We’ve below mentioned a few tips that can help you choose the best quality silver  that is crafted by artisans and made to last longer. Here are the tips you should consider.


Tips and tricks to buying wholesale sterling jewelry

  -The Price Must be in the Appropriate Range

Sterling silver is one of the most valuable and delicate metals, widely sold as a cheaper replacement for gold for jewelry. Its price should be in a specific range and must not be very low according to its value and worth. The best method to know if you are getting the best authentic silver jewelry is to find out if the price range is appropriate or not.

You can make a simple comparison of different prices of silver jewelry available in the market. With that market survey, you can compare the price of the product you intend to purchase. It is best if you check the price in the current market of sterling silver. This information will give you a baseline where you can start accessing the product or jewelry you want to purchase.

However, if this doesn’t help, then you can also try asking about the price of the jewelry piece you intend to purchase. Very cheap and inexpensive sterling silver jewelry can be either fake or not have a high quality. Refrain from getting massive discounts and going for cheaper sterling silver products as it is only draining your money into a bad investment.

Some wholesale Sterling jewelry is available in bulk quantity, and it can also be alarming if it’s too cheap to purchase, so you must also refrain from purchasing cheap bulk silver pieces. Moreover, if you’re going to purchase a silver product from your local store, then you must make sure to ask about the pricing method of that store.

    -Speak to the Seller

It depends if you’re purchasing sterling silver products online or through the seller; however, it is better to talk directly to any representative. When you speak to a real person on the phone who might represent any store, you can easily ask all your queries like the source of silver, hallmarks, and pricing.

It can also be very healthy if you try to visit the store if it has any physical location because it can decrease scam chances. Visiting a store can also make you sure that the quality of the product is not low and cheap.

    -Check the Hallmark or all Silver-grade Specifications

Real and authentic sterling silver jewelry does not come without hallmark or silver-grade specifications. Hallmark or silver-grade specification differentiates sterling silver jewelry from any other cheap quality silver jewelry. This Hallmark will be located in a very hidden place of your jewelry and might be very tiny, so you will have to find it out.

There’s a high chance that you might need a magnifying glass to find out the Hallmark. Sometimes strong lighting is also needed to find it out. Even if you have purchased any silver product earlier and want to check its authenticity, you can physically inspect it with your bare hands. If you have bought sterling silver jewelry, then it must have a .925 stamp on it. It can also have a STERLING stamp.

However, if you find an EPNS stamp on your jewelry, it is not sterling silver, and it is made to be soft. It is a cheaper alternative of silver, which is not silver but rather a nickel substitute made to look exactly like silver. You better not settle for anything less than strong, durable, and fine quality Sterling silver at that price.

   – Perform some Physical Tests

One of the most authentic and best ways to find out if your wholesale sterling jewelry is real is by performing a few minor physical tests. You do not have to worry about your Sterling jewelry because it won’t get harmed by the tests. The first and the most simple test is to put a magnet near your sterling silver jewelry and check if the magnet gets attracted to it.

You must keep in your mind that silver is not a magnetic metal, so it must not get attracted to the magnet. However, if it does, it might be either Nickel or any other metal that is not silver. The best is to perform this test is to get a strong magnet. Household small magnets are not much capable of testing the magnetism of any metal.

Apart from this test, you can also perform the rubbing test where you have to rub your wholesale Silver Earring on a white cloth until it leaves black marks. If it does not leave black marks, you might get disappointed to hear this, but your silver product is not real.

   – Get the Appraisal

An appraisal is the final of checking the genuineness, and it can be done by taking your jewelry to an appraiser for consultation. However, you will have to pay some amount to the appraiser, but this is the best and most authentic way of checking wholesale sterling jewelry.


It gets hard sometimes to decide how to spend your money on some jewelry without experiencing thuggery. However, all the above tips can help you stay safe from scams and get the best wholesale sterling at an authentic price.

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