Wholesale Engagement Rings

Wholesale Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are very close to the heart of every couple as it reminds them of the beautiful day when they were tied up with someone they love. Everyone looks for a design that is unique and classy at the same time.

Starting up a business of selling affordable and high quality  engagement rings can be an extremely safe option for all the newbies in the market. 

There are various engagement Wholesale ring designs that can be ordered on wholesale. Some of them are as follows: 


Diamond Ring

Diamond Ring001

The bigger the Gemstone engagement ring is the more impact it tends to create. Ordering a unique diamond ring for their loved ones is the best option that anyone can come across. The ring can be ordered online in different sizes. The ring is made up of 925 sterling silver or people can order it in rose or gold plated version as well..

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3 Combination White Zircon Ring

Wholesale Engagement Rings 002
Wholesale Engagement Rings 002

The 3 combination white zircon ring has three separate rings that are very creatively joined together. One can easily wear each ring separately on separate fingers or collectively as a whole. It is going to help people experiment with their look. The ring has small white zircons embedded on the band in a very delicate yet captivating manner. 


Fresh Water Pearl Ring

Wholesale Engagement Rings 003
Wholesale Engagement Rings 003

Every girl has an undying love for pearls that is a freshwater stone. The naturally cultured freshwater pearl ring offers a unique combination of small zircons with five pearls attached to it in a very creative manner. It lifts up the overall look of the ring thus making sure it attracts attention of people. The ring is made up of sterling silver and various sizes can be ordered on wholesale. One can always order a sample to check before a bulk order is placed. 





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