Hello Kitty Ring – Beautiful Pieces of Jewelry to Decorate a Hand

Rings are probably the oldest form of jewelry with some records suggesting that the first ring was worn almost 4,800 years ago! They have come a long way since that time and rings nowadays reflect the cultures and tastes of the people wearing them.

Hello Kitty rings are one such example of rings that are worn with an expressive purpose. The Hello Kitty brand was established in 1975 and has since become an iconic symbol among girls that represents their beauty and charm. The Hello Kitty jewelry and related merchandize industry run into the Billions of dollars every year, thus, there are a lot of choices when it comes to Hello Kitty rings.

This article will try to give you more details on the most popular styles and trends when it comes to Hello Kitty rings.

First of all, one should know that certain designer boutique jewelry brands have come out with their own Hello Kitty designer wear that has proved to be an immense hit in the market. Two of the most leading designers among this category are Tarina Tarantino and Kimora Lee Simmons. Both these very popular designer jewelry studios have come out with several Hello Kitty rings such as “Hello Kitty Pink Head”, “Simply Kitty”, “Superstar”, “Kabuki” and so on.

Sizes – Though there are many different sizes, the most commonly found size among girls is a size 7 for the ring finger. Thus, most jewelry stores such as the Hello Kitty Jewelry store will have a large collection of size 7 rings with some size 4 rings as well.

Styles – As mentioned earlier, there are many different forms of Hello Kitty rings that can be appropriate for many different occasions. Some can be used for every day wear while some really dazzling rings will be more appropriate for a special occasion such as a prom night.

Price ranges – Depending on your budget and intended use of the Hello Kitty ring, you can spend anywhere from a mere $40 all the way to $4,500 for a beautiful Hello Kitty ring that is handcrafted with several details. If you are curious about the $4,500 ring, it is made out of pure 18K gold and the ring is shaped like the face of the famous kitty. There are many precious gems that have been used in this masterpiece with black Onyx stones used as eyes of the Kitty. A golden citrine stone is used as the nose and the bow is made up of brilliant pink sapphires of the highest quality. The face is also lined with beautiful diamonds that add up to more than 1 carat in total weight. For those who are wondering about the $4,500 tag, their wonder will be transformed to a pleasant surprise when they get a look at this beautiful ring that will send many a girl’s heart racing in excitement. The ring priced for $4,500 is called the “Simply Kitty” ring.

As you can see from the article above, there are many different Hello Kitty rings for a girl to choose from regardless of the budget or taste that they have. They can also be excellent gift items and will come in a box that is ready to be gifted as is.

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