Guide to sterling silver body jewelry

Guide to sterling silver body jewelry 92.5

Guide to sterling silver body jewelry 92.5
Guide to sterling silver body jewelry 92.5


Most of the silver jewelry is made of sterling silver instead of pure silver because pure silver is very soft, ductile, and malleable. So, if we use pure silver in jewelry, it can easily be deformed or crooked. Sterling silver makes the silver less deform-able; this makes us use sterling silver instead of pure silver. Sterling silver body jewelry truly holds many positive effects on the human body; it neutralizes mood and cool down the body temperature.

So, now the question arises what Sterling Silver is?  


Sterling silver is an alloy made by melting silver and other metals, like copper, germanium, zinc, boron, silicon, and platinum. The resulting compound would be less soft and more durable.

It is an alloy of silver with less purity that contains less than 90 percent of silver metal. The other metals in sterling silver react with oxygen in the air. Sometimes you see a sterling silver body, which means it is not made of pure silver or is plated with a STERLING SILVER layer. 


The composition of sterling silver jewelry is not always the same. There are many different types of sterling silver made with different alloys.

  • FINE SILVER: It is 99% pure and 1% other metal. Since fine silver is soft, it will deform easily.
  • COIN SILVER: It is made of 90% Silver and 10% of copper. Also known as one nine fine. Now, it is rare.
  • NICKEL SILVER: It contains 60% of copper, 20% of nickel, and 20% of copper. It is used for electroplating, architectural and ornamental metalwork.
  • MEXICAN SILVER: It is made of 95% silver and 5% copper. It is purer than sterling silver.
  • TRIBLE SILVER: It contains some dangerous metal like lead. It is beautiful, so it is used in the design.
  • SILVER FILLED: It is layered metal. The surface of this metal is layered with 5% – 10% of Sterling silver.  


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